• Why can't a surveyor give me a ball park estimate?

    There are many factors that go into completing a proper survey.  What information is available in your neighborhood or area?  Is there record information on file that can be used to help determine the location of your boundary markers?  Are you boundary markers in place or have they been damaged, disturbed or even removed?  Is there a dispute between neighbors?  Is there dense vegetation, fences, buildings, other features to work around?  Once we have an opportunity to do a little research we can get back to you with an estimate that we feel it will cost to complete your boundary survey.  We then work diligently to complete that survey as outlined, however if extenuating circumstances arise in the field changing the scope of work discussed, then we will contact you right away to work together on a solution that meets your needs.

  • Do I need to be present during the survey?

    No.  However, if you would like to be, please notify us at the time you request the survey.  Many variables can impact the schedule of a surveyor.  Unforeseen circumstances arise in the field that may require additional time to complete the survey, thus changing the arrival time to be at the next site.  Flexibility is appreciated on your part.  Please keep in mind we may need to make more than one visit to your property to complete the survey.

  • What can I expect if I request a drawing along with my property survey?

    Please see a few examples below of what various survey drawings look like, depending on the scope of work involved.   

  • What exactly is done when a survey is performed?

    Our survey team will need access to your property.  Research will be done to confirm your property corners are accurate and if needed, new rebar survey points will be put in place and identified clearly so you can see clearly their location.  Measurements will be taken using various features, including neighboring property corners, monumentation found nearby or other points of reference that are pertinent to confirming accuracy of the survey work being provided to you.

  • What is the time frame for completing a survey?

    Our professionals work hard to meet your deadlines.  Please be specific about your needs when contacting us.  The time it takes to complete a survey can vary based on the time of year and work load at the time the survey is requested.  Good communication is key between us.  Typically an average lot within city limits or nearby municipalities can be completed within two weeks of the request.

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