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The largest city in Northwestern Pennslyvania, Erie is home to approximately 95,000 year-round residents. The manufacturing district remains the prominent economic provider, however, healthcare, technology, restaurants, and retail contribute heavily. The city was first named for the original Native American people who lived in the area, taking advantage of the rich resources still found centuries later. Being located on the shoreline of Lake Erie, there are several recreational activities residents and visitors enjoy throughout the area.

With the areas surrounding Erie, PA continuously growing, several people are venturing out and creating offices and corporations on the available land. If you are interested in building commercial or residential property in the Erie, PA area, allow the civil engineers at David Laird Assocs to assist you! We provide full-service land surveying, land planning, and civil engineering.


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With over 60 years of business, the experience of land planning and survey gained at David Laird Assocs is unmatched by any competitors within miles. When you are potentially building a residential or commercial property, having an accurate land survey is imperative prior to breaking ground. If the proper research and methodology are not used, you can run into very serious legal issues down the road. Allow our civil engineers to assist you with any land planning prior to the building process! Contact us today with any questions or inquiries regarding our services, we look forward to hearing from you!

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